Configuring FlashDevelop for Flash version 11.2

Flash 11.2 came out and it has two very awesome features: right click events and mouse locking. So, I had to test it out. However, (as of this post) FlashDevelop (my preferred environment) doesn’t officially support 11.2.

I have looked around the web to find a tutorial of some sorts to configure flashdevelop for 11.2 but all I could find were separate small for other versions, so I decided to find the way myself. I’ll be writing this tutorial to help others who are in my situation.

      1. Get the files.
        You can find the installation links here.

        • Download the “playerglobal.swc to target the 11.2 APIs”:
          • into “\FlashDevelop\Tools\flexsdk\frameworks\libs\player\11.2\” (create the 11.2 folder as it won’t exist)
          • save as “playerglobal.swc”.
        • Download the “Flash Player 11.2 Projector content debugger”:
          • into “\FlashDevelop\Tools\flexlibs\runtimes\player\11.2\win\” (create the 11.2\win folders inside “player”)
          • save as “FlashPlayerDebugger.exe”.
      2. Configure FlashDevelop
        • Go to Tools -> Program Settings
        • Click on the “FlashViewer” plugin settings page
        • Set the “External Player Path” to point to your recently downloaded “11.2\win\FlashPlayerDebugger.exe” file.
      3. Configure your projects
        • Go to project properties by right clicking the project’s name.
        • Set the platform version to 11.2.
        • Add the following line to “Additional Compiler Options”:


      4. Done, test your project!

8 thoughts on “Configuring FlashDevelop for Flash version 11.2

  1. Great post , wont work when u let flashdevelop download the sdk, will if you melt the opensource amnd do it yourself, so if you would install or like me compile, download the open source latest sdk and air latest and melt them 🙂
    Made a template with captiva/air that uses mobile stuff so needed -swf-version=15 , find out it was so easy just to open a normal project template edit it, and rename.
    and got it all in a dropbox seperated.if u want i will send u the login

  2. It worked just fine for me with the SDK Flash Develop D/Led. Thank you so very much, this was of great help. Send me your pay pal email please, I would love to buy you a beer or two for saving me precious time on a time sensitive project.

  3. Hi, I setting up but, the 11.2 not appear in the section. I have a working early 11.0 version, but the 11.2 not appear. What can I do? thx.

    1. Try reinstalling the latest version of Flashdevelop, after installing the 11.2 player

  4. I am looking to download FP 11.2 Debugger version but I am unable to find it. The flash player download site shows 11.5 download link. Can you point me to the right link to download FP 11.2.


    1. Hi, the latest version should work fine, you can still develop 11.2 applications for it using FlashDevelop or other IDEs. They should be backwards compatible.

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